Heer Translation is the ideal partner for various linguistic services. I step in when the right words don’t spring to mind, applying my in-depth linguistic training to provide linguistic accuracy and a flair for the nuances of language. In addition to that, you can always be sure to receive your texts on time.

Please do not hesitate to request a tailored, non-binding offer.


As a professional translator, I will provide you with appropriately written, high-quality translations spanning the following language versions at an attractive price-performance ratio:

  • translations from French into German, from German into French*
  • translations from English into German, from German into English*
  • translations from Spanish into German

*external partners


Do you already have a translation from French, English or Spanish into German and would like to have it proofread by a professional translator? Heer Translation is the ideal partner for this task. I would be delighted to proofread any of your existing translations from English, French or Spanish into German.

Text creation

Heer Translation is not only your ideal partner for translations from English, French or Spanish into German and proofreading existing translations, but also for the creation of German texts of any kind. As a professional writer, I will be happy to write your speech, create a birthday or Christmas card, or help you with the content for your corporate website.


Have you written an academic article in German? Would you like to have your own book project corrected or do you need help with your corporate communications (website, brochures, flyers, etc.) to eliminate any grammatical errors? I will gladly correct your German texts. Take a look at the rates for text correction at Heer Translation.

Areas of expertise

marketing und PR

tourism and travel


food science

economics and finance