1. Validity of the GTC

1.1 Heer Translation only provides its services on the basis of these GTC. The GTC generally apply to all orders which customers place with Heer Translation.

2. Contract

2.1 A contract is concluded if:

a) the offer about the type of text editing, the price and the deadline have been accepted in written form,

b) the text has been transmitted as a word document or similar file

c) and the text has been approved by Heer Translation.

2.2 If the customer withdraws from the contract before the delivery of the text, the client will be obliged to pay for any work already completed and reimburse all expenses incurred.

3. Scope of services and usage rights

3.1  Heer Translation provides high-quality services in the fields of translation, proofreading, texting and editing.

3.2  Heer Translation undertakes to meet the generally accepted standards of care in the industry, which must be considered based on the specific circumstances of each individual order. When performing the contract, Heer Translation has the current level of knowledge expected in the industry in the corresponding subject area and/or the respective languages.

3.3  For translations this means in particular that the texts are translated correctly and professionally into the requested language – without any words being left out or added or any other changes being made to the content. During this process, the source texts are either translated literally or to convey the general meaning of the original and taking into consideration the cultural mentality, in accordance with the generally accepted quality standards of the translation industry of the corresponding language area.

3.4 Corrections and suggestions for improvement are realized in correction mode, so the author of the text can accept or reject each correction separately. The customer also receives a clean version of the text.

4. Provision of services

4.1 Heer Translation undertakes to provide the services correctly to the contact person specified in the order. Heer Translation accepts no liability for any delays resulting from failures of digital/electronic networks (communication networks or gateways of other operators).

5. Notification of defects

5.1 The customer shall examine the service provided as soon as he/she receives it and make a note of any defects. Obvious defects must be reported immediately and hidden ones as soon as they have been identified.

6. Reworking

6.1  In the event and insofar as a service deviates from the contractually negotiated requirements, the customer shall give Heer Translation a reasonable deadline to make the necessary improvements. This does not apply in the event that the deviations were caused by the customer (e.g. by providing incomplete information or erroneous source texts).

7. General limitation of liability

7.1 In general, there is no guarantee that the text is completely free of errors. In case of damages caused intentionally or through gross negligence, Heer Translation will provide compensation up to the total price of the original order.

7.2 Contractual claims for damages or liability based on reliance at a pre-contract stage asserted against Heer Translation shall not be accepted in the case of ordinary or moderate negligence.

8. Invoicing

8.1  Invoices are generally issued electronically (by e-mail).

8.2  Invoices are to be paid within 30 days. If payment is not received, a reminder will be sent with a maximum payment deadline of 10 days.

9. Written form

9.1 Subsidiary agreements, assurances and any other agreements, as well as amendments and additions to the contract, must be made in writing to be valid.

9.2 Emails also constitute written form.

10. Confidentiality, data protection and inherent risks

10.1 Heer Translation will endeavour to maintain the secrecy of the transmitted texts. However, Heer Translation cannot guarantee that there will be 100% secrecy, because it cannot be completely ruled out that unauthorised third parties could gain access to the transmitted texts as a result of the electronic data communication.

10.2 Heer Translation will also endeavour to examine the electronic data communication in accordance with the latest technological advances for any viruses or sabotage programmes. However, 100% protection from viruses or acts of sabotage cannot be guaranteed even when due care is exercised. The customer is expressly made aware that there is a residual risk.